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> Smooth passage?

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 - 12:32

Day 167 – Tues 16 Mar – 14,540km, Luvo, Angola

It was great to see a few more cyclists on the road today and they certainly weren’t short of competitive spirit giving it all they had to out do the mondele (white man) wearing flip flops on bikes that were barely worthy of donation to Re-Cycle. I also received a wonderful reception from villages along the way and cruised straight through gendarmerie check points without any hassle except when exiting the DRC and the officials failed to recognise their own tourist visa. Arriving at the Angolan border, I’ve negotiated to receive my stamp in the morning so I can maximise my 5-day visa. Surrounded by lightning storms and shady characters, I’ve decided to play it safe and squat with a family on the porch of a disused police building. With the roads in the north of Angola in notoriously bad condition and the wet season in full swing, it promises to be a tough 5 day race to Luanda. At least the officials seem very laid back and I have a malt loaf at the ready to sweeten my passage if required, although, given that it has been compacted in my bag since Cameroon, it may be more use as a weapon!

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Catch you at the border bull shiting again we might have to discuss....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Rob,If you are in need of a


If you are in need of a portuguese translator, give me a call !  Easy life has no fun !  Enjoy it while it lasts and if things get tougher, see the positive side on it !  If you want a boring trip, hire bitterfield & robinson through Tuscany ! 

May be I will fly to SA for the semi finals (Brazil and England ?).  Take it easy !





Rob, we are relieved you are

Rob, we are relieved you are out of the DRC and at last on your way to Luanda with your 5 day visa.The home stretch is now a reality with SA well with-in reach.Your determination and endurance is much admired.Continued good luck. Jen and David.

What a trip!

Just came across your blog via a tweet from Al Humphreys. Inspirational trip mate, and you look like you've cracked the back of it. Well done so far. I did 2000km around Britain in Dec 09, so that feeling of riding day after day, whatever the conditions, is still fresh. Creates memories that will ive forever though. Keep up the good work. Mike

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