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Tuesday, 4 May 2010 - 21:02

Day 216 - Tues 4th May - 18,282km, Palapye, Botswanna

For once I have internet access to update the blog myself rather than sending multiple txt's to my integral support team back home (cheers as always H & pa)- yes it really is that low tech and carrying two old nokia bricks through Africa certainly hasn't helped my progress!! In the relative civilisation of Southern Africa now, I can maximise the luxury that lodges have to offer - hot showers, cooking facilities, a bar, and maybe even a pool, internet or satellite TV to catch up on the footy. Life's never been so easy & given a sweet camping deal, at the particularly pleasant Itumela lodge, I decided to spend today addressing the smell of my festering clothes, getting in some running training and stocking up on supermarket supplies. Gone are the exciting days of playing street food roulette but I am discovering some deadly convenience foods in the shops. The current favourite is tins of chakalaka (curried veg) cooked up with various flavoured packs of soya protein - spicy, tasty and dirt cheap even the side effects assist my progress southwards!

Edging ever closer to South Africa I may even cross the border tomorrow although with only farmland beyond I don't want to risk not being able to see the Spurs v Man City champions league showdown in the evening. With only 1000 or so km to Pietermaritzburg I'm planning to take it fairly easy over the next couple of weeks, up the running training, eat more pies and pick my camping spots wisely. Frequently told that the two worst countries for security in Africa are Nigeria and South Africa, to which most South Africans respond 'it's because of the Nigerians in South Africa', I'm intrigued to experience the rural areas and far flung towns that never see tourists and soak up the world cup atmosphere as I go. A mutual love of football, biltong, pies and braais will no doubt help me bond with the fans of Bafana Bafana. 

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Coalition creds

I can see distinct possibilities for you as an experienced coalition consultant when you get back home, Rob - persuading cycling muscles to adapt their agenda and achieve an endurance running goal will complement the myriad of other negotiating experiences you've successfully concluded on your travels!  Your mum must also have developed some extremely effective remote coping mechanisms that could be recycled (?) ... I look forward to hearing first hand accounts of your meeting up again with your folks! Enjoy these final weeks of your amazing adventure!


I hate to point out (from a runner with pretty basic credentials to a runner with pretty good credentials) that most Comrades runners have done their big mileage and spend May 'tapering'! I think your lean and honed frame, as well as youth and exuberance will get you through - so go easy on the pies!

Getting closer

It must be wonderful to feel that you are spinning closer and closer to the marathon moment, Rob. I spoke to your mum at the weekend and I know how excited she is about seeing you again. I can just imagine them coming along the road to meet you - still, a bit to go yet... take care over the last stretch.

Are you registered for a postal vote by any chance...?! You are missing a very strange campaign here in Britain - wise man.

Much love, Nessa and Piers.


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